Each and every one of these llamas comes with a Sugar River guarantee, for soundness.. We stand behind our llamas.  In addition, breeding males and females come with a fertility guarantee.  All our llamas are halter broke, and, in most cases, have been in the show ring or used in public relations, such as school visits or parades.  Free delivery is available, within 50 miles.  Delivery may be negotiable for a base mileage fee.  We will  provide health records for each purchase, provide health care guidelines, and demonstrate toenail clipping and haltering to all new owners.  We will continue support by providing shearing and toe nail care, if requested - for our usual service fees.  Grooming and showing consultations are also available.  

Just getting started in llamas?  Sugar River Llamas will put together a package to include a proven male and one or more females to meet your requirements.  Do you want a show herd?  Or, are you seeking working llamas?  Fun? Fiber?  Let us know your needs and desires and we will see what we can put together for you.  Best of all, come visit the farm and pick your starter herd yourself.

                                      SRLL Eoghan                                                           

Date of Birth:  May 13, 2013                          
Sire: Elwood Blues                              
Dam: Esoria                               
 SRLL Brownberri                                                  
Date of Birth:  October 18, 2011
Sire:  SRLL Mephisto                                                     
Dam:  Nottsberri
Date of Birth:  August 22, 2009           
Sire:   LW Pioneer     
Dam:  Esoria

                                SRLL Tyrion                                                                           

DOB: Sept 14, 2013
Dam: Tierza                      

Dam: SRLL Nymeria

Exposed to Elwood Blues
DOB: June 18. 2009   
Sire:   Starr Alliance  
Dam: Phileda

                              SRLL Tyrell

DOB:  Sept. 14, 2012

Dam:  Tierza
DOB: April 28, 2012                                                     
Sire: Elwood Blues                                         
Dam:  Noticia
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