Strong, big bones, fast growing crias with super fiber, from super mothers with great milk production.  Sires and dams on both sides have been in the show ring, most of whom are Halter Champions. The genetic background of Sugar River Llamas is hard to beat! Stay tuned for what our outstanding, award winning female herd and studs bring us - some of the best in the industry.

Good Juju                                                                                                 For Sale

Date of Birth:  May 10, 2014                                            
Sire: Cainan                                                               Grand Champion Lt./Med Wool Female, Ozark Llama Show
Dam: HCLA Bolivian Karma

Co-owned with Animal Acres Llamas, Tom & Barb Parsons..  Really like the presence and strut this girl has.  Karma is showing excellent mothering and milking ability. Juju growing like a weed. Nice!  Very nice fleece, too.


 SRLL Blueberri                                                            For Sale

Date of Birth:  May 11, 2014                                            
Sire: Elwood Blues
Dam:  SRLL Mulberri

This female is showing great potential for performance.  Calm, curious, exploring.  Love her super soft fiber.  Super presence.  She sets up four square like this, all by herself.

 SRLL Caleesi                                                        Sold

Date of Birth:  May 10, 2014                                            
Sire: Elwood Blues
Dam:  SRLL Calantha

Caleesi is an incredible, heavy boned, silver, super suri, female.  Fleece is so soft and lustrous.  Bring in some unique blood lines toyour herd, with 2 Chilean imports on both sides of her pedigree (Chilean Esperanza, now in Germany, and LW Pioneer, one of foundation herdsires).  

 SRLL Nynaeve
Date of Birth:  June 9, 2014                                            
Sire: Starr Alliance
Dam:  SRLL Nymeria

Big girl.  Like the way she carries herself.  Well proportioned.  Always stands 4 square. Nice, single coat fleece. She is going to be a lot of fun to show!
However, she hates to pose for her pictures!   Definitely camera shy!  Nyna is part of our foundation herd.

 SRLL Fionagghal (aka Flora)  

Date of Birth:  June 17, 2014                               2nd Place, Med Wool Female, 2015 March Llama Madness                              
Sire: Starr Alliance                                                       2nd Place, Med Wool Female, Heartland Llama Show
Dam:  SRLL Fa`iz                                                 Reserve Grand Champion, Heavy Wool Female, 2015 Badgerland Llama Show

Fa`iz does it again.  A wonderful, big girl - appy female, with heavy bone, great ears, stretch! Fleece is nothing but curly locks - not a suri, but, curly with individual lock structure. Flora is going to be a lot of fun to show.  Shown at 6 weeks of age.  Fionnaghal means 'The Fair One."  We think she is all of that and then some!  Flora is part of our foundation herd.

 SRLL Elenei                                                     
Sire: Elwood Blues
Dam:  Esoria                        1st Place, Silky Female under Both Judges, 2015 March Llama Madness
                                                   Grand Champion, Silky Female, 2015 Heartland Llama Show

Pictured at two weeks old. Like this girl a lot! Strong, running, jumping - and, nursing like a vacuum pump. Nice stetch, too.  She's going to be a big girl - and, lots of fun to show! One of her endering traits, she is showing Balerion, who is 5 days younger that she is, how to find food to graze, water, and how to use the creep gates.  The two are inseperable.  We figure Elenei is going to make a great mother!  Elenei is part of our foundation herd.

Just a note on Elenei's genetics, Esoria is out of the famous E-line female, Eskari. See Esoria for more infomation.

 SRLL Balerion                                                    For Sale

Date of Birth:  September 17, 2014                                Reserve Grand Champion Suri Male, 2015 Badergerland Llama Show                                       
Sire:    Elwood Blues
Dam:  SRLL Taena

Balerion means Black Dread!  Pitch black suri full of presence and character.  Driving the other llamas nuts - just a pestering away.  Correct.  Extremely lustrous fleece. Solid, muscular - all suri boy!