SRLL Pheona                                                            For Sale
Date of Birth: June 28, 2009
Sire:   Starr Alliance  
Dam: Phileda
Pheona looks a lot like momma. She has silky, dense fleece, with high luster.  We love the way she carries herself so erect to show off her correct conformation. Pheona produced the most fleece of the 2010 production.   Buy her open and take her home to breed to your favorite male - or, we can breed her for you to any of our unrelated males - for free!  Pheona could also work as a guard llama.

 SRLL Contara                                                        Sold
Date of Birth:  May 18, 2010
Sire:  Starr Alliance
Dam:  Westland's Constellation
Nice, big, stretchy girl and very proportional. Her fleece is a bay black, with great luster.  She will be a nice addition to any herd.  Entering the show ring at the Heartland Llama Show, Webster City, IA, May 2, she placed fourth.  Just way too anxious, first time away from the farm.  And, the competiton was stiff.  Tasha's favorite.  Exposed to Elwood Blues for a Fall, 2015 cria.

 SRLL Brownberri                                                   For Sale
Date of Birth:  October 18, 2011
Sire:  SRLL Mephisto                                          Placed in the top 10 at the 2012 Gathering
Dam:  Nottsberri
Healthy, strong, suri female with mom producing lots of milk.  Dark Gray/brown with white star on the face. Salt and pepper socks. Silver butt. Lots of presence and character.  Coming along nicely.  Unfortunately, this girl, although very correct, nice presence, etc.  Brownberri is an average size female.  She will be bred in Spring, 2015.

 SRLL Fedora                                                                       
Date of Birth:  May 27, 2012
Sire: Starr Alliance
Dam: SRLL Fa`iz
Each cria from this dam and sire seems to be getting bigger, taller, more heavily boned with better and better fiber.  Fedora certainly exemplifies these traits.  At 13 months, Fedora is taller than many of our adults.  HUGE!   Fedora is on her way to becoming a SRLL foundation female, and was bred to Elwood Blues, May, 2015.

 SRLL Monika                                                                                          
Date of Birth:  June 6, 2012                   Double Reserve Grand Champion MWF, Heartland Llama Show, 2013
Sire:   Starr Alliance                                         Second Place, Medium Wool Juvenile Females, 2014 Gathering
Dam:  FS Muna's Muffy
Our last cria from Muffy.  Darling.  More delicate than Muffy's other offspring - which is to say she is only normal in size.  She has held her own in the show ring.  We are so thrilled that Monika is the same color as big brother Randolph.  Monika is part of our keeper herd and was bred to Elwood Blues, May, 2015

 SRLL Meesha                         ILR-SD Halter Champion & UAP Halter Champion - after only 4 shows

Date of Birth:  May 7, 2013                            Best of Show 2014 March Llama Madness, under both judges                      
Sire: Starr Alliance                                                          Best of Show Female, 2014 Badgerland Llama Show
Dam: SRLL Mona                                                             Best of Show, 2014 Heartland Llama Show
                                                                                      Grand Champion Silky Female, 2014 Gathering
                                                                                Grand Champion 2014 LFA World Futurity

Here she is!  The long awaited female cria from Starr Alliance X Mona.  And, worth the wait.  Silver gray with dark gray legs and face.  Bone, size, fleece, correct conformation - all the things this combo is known to bring us.  Meesha entered the show ring at the 2014 March Madness, won a double Grand, Bred & Owned, along with Tyrell, then, Best of Show.  Meesha has now retired from the show ring - just hated being out there.  She's more than proven herself.  Meesha is now part of our keeper herd.