The Ladies

  Mona                                               ALSA Halter Champion              ALSA Halter ROM                               
Sire: LW Pioneer                                2004 National Grand Champion Heavy Wool Female         
Dam: FS Muna's Muffy                          2005 Celebrity World Futurity Class 4 Champion
                                                                           2005 LFA Futurity Class 6 Champion

Mona's show career speaks for itself, as well as her production.  She is the only female ever to have won all of the three national llama events - the Celebrity World Futurity, the LFA Futurity, and the ALSA Grand Nationals.  She is huge, correct, and beautiful.  She  had a huge fawn colored male last year by Starr Alliance - Mau'Dib, that is already followed in her footsteps by winning his class at the Celebrity World Futurity! Mona delivered a stunning male cria, Mandarb by Starr Alliance, in May, 2009, who also won Traditoinal/Silky Male, 5 - 15 Mo, in the 2010 Celebration Futurity and 2011 Celebration 16 - 24 Mo Traditional Male Futuirty Grand Champion.. Mandarb is an ALSA and an ILR Halter Champion.   Mona was bred back to Starr Alliance for May, 2010 - See Mudrin, who is already carrying on the family tradition of being both an ALSA and an ILR Halter Champion.. October, 2011 brought us another tall, stretchy, heavy boned male cria: Mandragoran.  May, 2013 finally brought us a female cria. Check out Meesha. Mona has been bred to Starr Alliance for a Fall, 2015 cria.

Four time Produce of Dam Champion at the 2011 Celebration Classic ALSA and ILR Shows, Mudrin and Mandarb showing for Mona.

                                                                     ALSA Halter Champion            ALSA Halter ROM
Sire: Carnival                                                   2006 LFA Futurity Class 6 Champion        
                                                                        Top Ten (2nd) 2006 ALSA Grand Nationals                      
Dam: Notesme                                2007 Celebrity World Futurity Class 4 Reserve Champion     
This fancy girl is out of a stylish Fivestarr son and the wonderful Notesme.  Noticia was undefeated in her age division as a juvenile, and achieved her Halter Championship with four Grands and two Reserves before she turned a year.  She has also been Champion in her class at the LFA Futurity, and Reserve Champion in her class at the Celebrity World Futurity.  Noticia has given us a very nice female cria X SRLL Mephisto.  See Novation.  Noticia has been bred to Elwood Blues for a Spring, 2012 cria. A fantastic suri male, Nocturne Blues,  was born the end of April, 2012. And, Pthalo Blue, born in May of 2013.  Yes, we are breeding Noticia to Elwood Blues for a repeat performance in Spring, 2016.

  Monique                                   ALSA Halter Champion            ALSA Halter ROM
Sire:  LW Pioneer                                    2007 Celebrity World Futurity Class 2 Champion
                                                                                   Top Ten (3rd) 2007 LFA Futurity  
 Dam:   FS Muna's Muffy                        Top Ten (4th) 2007 & 2008 ALSA Grand Nationals

Awesome!  Muffy and Pioneer have done it again.  Monique has continued in the family tradition, winning her class in the Celebrity World Futurity her first time off the farm.  Monique has become one of Sugar River Llamas foundation females. She is expecting a Starr Alliance cria in Fall, 2009, who turned out to be a tall, stretchy paint with awesome fleece. Check out Guntar Mass. Monique had another outstanding cria by Starr Alliance - Check out Murali. In July, 2013, Monique was bitten by a rattlesnake and nearly died.  We are very lucky to still have her with us.  Monique delivered SRLL Marius - an extremely wonderful, silver, huge male cria.
  Tierza                                                  Champion Produce of Dam, 2014 Gathering                                    

Sire:   Whist

Dam:  Tiger Lilly II

This girl is amazing!  Huge and straight as an arrow, and she comes by her good genes honestly.  Her sire was the 2004 National Grand and Reserve Champion Get of Sire, and her dam was high selling female at the 1998 Co-Rect Llama Roundup.  Tierza's maternal half-sister, Tanka, was the 2003 National Grand Champion Medium Wool Female.  Her Fall, 2008 cria, Taena, is a super stretchy female by GNLC Ballistic., Ali's favorite from the 2008 production, was the 2010 Celebrity Class 4 Champion, and Reserve Champion Class 4 at the 2009 LFA Futurity.. In July, Tierza brought us a white female cria, Teqa Very correct, lively, and full of herself, with Tierza being her usual super mom. Tierza was bred to Starr Alliance for a Fall, 2012 cria -see Tyrell.  Tyrion was born the end of Sept., 2013.  Very much like older brother Tyrell, but, with even better fleece.  Not messing with a good thing, Tierza was re-bred to Starr Alliance for Spring, 2015, giving us SRLL Tyg, a cookie cutter version of his older brothers!

 HCLA Bolivian Karma                        

Sire: *Bolivian Jambalaya

Dam: *Bolivian Kelsey

Co-owned with Tom and Barb Parsons, Animal Acres.  We brought this girl to our breeding program because of her fantastic young herd sire, Elwood Blues, a silver suri by *Esperanza, owned by Wendell and Ileen Miller, Medicine River Suris.  Karma has been bred to Ollendick Farms Cainan for a Spring, 2014 cria.  Check out Good Juju.  Karma went back to Cainan for a Spring, 2015 cria, Born June 2, 2015.  A very pretty female. Divali.

 Lla-Mirage Keno

Sire:  The Instigator

Dam:  Double J's of Reno

Keno was purchased in September, 2011, from Bob & Monte Houseman, at the 2011 LFA Sale. Thank you for offering this young female, with male cria, Dueces Wild, at side. Keno was bred to Slam Dunk for a June, 2012 cria.  We are pleased to be able to add this female to our keeper herd.  Born in June, 2012, we have Casino - a spunky, straight little boy, with super nice fleece.  Was bred to Nolo Contendre for a Spring, 2016 cria.

                                                                    ALSA Halter Champion            ALSA Halter ROM
Sire: Lucchese                                                         Top Ten (4th) 2005 LFA Futurity
                                                                       Top Ten (5th) 2006 ALSA Grand Nationals  
Dam:  Eskari                                               Top Ten (9th) 2006 Celebrity World Futurity                                                                

This young lady's background needs no explanation.  Her sire, Lucchese, is a Celebrity World Futurity Champion, and her dam, Eskari, has not only produced another Celebrity World Futurity Champion, Esira, but was also the high selling female at the 2005 Co-Rect Llama Roundup.  Esoria has had a great show career, winning three Grand and five Reserve Grand Championships.  Bred to LW Pioneer for a Fall, 2009 cria, who turned out to be a very nice male - very full of himself, with great presence and conformation.   We  really like what this female is producing.  Esoria was bred to Elwood Blues for a Spring, 2013 cria.  And, what a super lyoung male he is!  See Eoghan Esoria was bred to Elwood Blues for a Fall, 2014 cria, Elenei, and, now Fall, 2015.  Really like what she is producing!

                                                                 ALSA Halter Champion            ALSA Halter ROM
Sire: Fivestarr                                                          4th place 2003 LFA Maturity
                                                                           4th place 2002 ALSA Grand Nationals
Dam: Notesme                                               4th place 2003 ALSA Grand Nationals

She is big, beautiful, and striking.  Fine, dark gray fiber sits atop the nearly perfect frame of this girl.  Along with her own show success, she participated in both 2nd place production classes at the 2003 Grand Nationals.  Her dam placed in the Top Ten at the 2000 Celebrity World Futurity, and her sire is an ALSA Get-of Sire and Halter Champion.  Nottsberri delivered another female cria, Brownberri,  in October, 2011.  

 AAL Neva



Thank you to Tom and Barb Parsons for selling us this beautiful female.  We have loved her ever since she entered the show ring.  We are very fortunate to add her to our keeper herd.  Neva is comformationally correct, has good presence, great angulation, etc., etc - a NICE llama.  Plus, wonderful suri, with lustrous, fine fiber. She has been breed to Mandragoran for a Spring, 2015 cria.


Sire:  Falkon          

Dam:   *Wairoa

This girl's parentage speaks for itself.  Her recently deceased sire produced several national level show champions during his limited use, and her dam also produced Whist, two time National Get of Sire Champion.  Waikaia is part of our keeper herd.  She was bred to Starr Alliance for a Spring, 2016 cria.

 SRLL Taena          
Sire:   GNLC Ballistic                       2010 Celebration World Futurity Class 4 Champion
                                                            2009 LFA World Futurity Class 4 Reserve Champion
Dam:  Tierza                                             ILR Universal Awards Halter Champion
                                                                              ILR-SD Halter Champion

Taena is a Ballistic daughter, with his characteristic straight top line, stretch, and show ring presence.  The dam, Tierza, is one of the tallest females in a herd of tall girls.  Taena has super fine, silky fleece.  This is Ali's favorite of the 2008 production.  She did well for herself in her first time out - Grand Champion Heavy Wool Female, beating our Chabela, who came in right behind her as Reserve.  You won't find her a smoother moving llama, she just glides along. Not to mention her fleece - absolutely scrumptious.  Taena shows that great things can come in brown packages.  Taena is part of our keeper herd.  Taena was bred to Elwood Blues for a Spring, 2012 cria. A bown/mahogany colored male, SRLL Teun - just like mom.  Taena was bred with Elwood Blues for a Fall, 2014 cria - See  SRLL Balerion.  A striking little, pitch black suri, reminiscent of grand dad, Ballistic.  Taena will be bred back to Elwood Blues for a Spring, 2016 cria.

  Fa'iz                                2009 Celebration World Futurity, Class 4 Reserve Champion    

Sire:   LW Pioneer                                             Top Ten (4th) 2008 LFA Futurity
                                                                    Top Ten (6th) 2008 ALSA Grand Nationals
Dam: Miss Felice                                                        ALSA Halter ROM                                                                                                         

We could not believe our eyes when this girl came out!  She is huge for one of Felice's crias, and has a wonderful silver and peach appy blanket.  Fa'iz just keeps getting better and better. She is stunning in the show ring.  Tall, straight, with great show ring presence. Fa`iz is destined to be one of Sugar River Llamas foundation females, replacing her dam in the breeding program.  Starr Alliance was assigned to combine with this female for fantastic offspring. We are VERY pleased with the LW Pioneer daughters combined with Starr Alliance.  Fa`iz is part of our keeper herd and bred to Starr Alliance for a Spring, 2011 cria.  Check out Faile.  Yup!  We rebred Fa`iz to Starr Alliance, which brought us a huge, healthy, strong female cria - check out Fedora.  In June, 2014, Fa`iz brought us SRLL Feyd, a male with super fleece, presence, and conformation, who was high selling male at the 2014 March Llama Madness Auction.  Yes, we bred her to Starr Aliance for June, 2014.  See Fionagghal- a knock out cria.  And, again for August, 2015.  This combination works!
 SRLL Calantha                                                                                                                  
Date of Birth: July 1, 2009

Sire:    LW Pioneer
Dam: SRLL Chiquita
A chip off the old block. Calantha looks just like daddy, LW Pioneer.  She has LW Pioneer's head and face, and that same beautiful gray fleece.  Calantha is part of our keeper herd - those Pioneer daughters are something else.  See SRLL Caleesi.  Fantastic silver suri.  Calantha was bred to Dueces Wild for a May, 2015 cria.  

 SRLL Mulberri
Date of Birth:  September 22, 2009
Sire:   LW Pioneer
Dam:  Nottsberri
A very pretty female, with all the promise of our Pioneer daughters.  Mulberri had greasy fleece - we love that in our crias as it promises fantastic fiber!  And, her presence is fantastic.  Her tail is always popped.  We hope for great things from Mulberri, who is part of our keeper herd. See SRLL Blueberri.  We bred Mulberri with Dueces Wild for a May, 2015 cria.  Unfotunately, we lost this cria.  

   SRLL Maya                                                                     For Sale
Date of Birth: September 20, 2010            First Place Juvenile Suri Female, 2011 ILR Gathering
Sire:  Pepper Moon
Dam: Mayte
Super lustrous, super fine locks. Legs to die for and EARS!  
No longer femme petite.   Maya's been affectionately given the nick name of "Chubby."  The judges called it "substance."  We love her uniform, fine, lustrous locks. Incredible cork screws.  Absolutely wonderful suri fleece.  A super choice as a fleece llama.  She has a great personality, too. Maya was exposed to Deuces Wild for a Spring, 2015 cria and what we got is a male, suri, reverse appy with lots of spunk, get up and go!  Check out Montebank

 SRLL Nyura                                                                For Sale

Sire:   Starr Alliance                Best of Show, Shorn Fleece, 2009 Varapai County Fair ILR-SD Llama Show , AZ                          

Dam: SRLL Nymeria

A carbon copy of her sire at the same age, Nyura has wonderful black silky fleece on a correct frame. Correct conformation, but, not a big girl. Exposed to Elwood Blues for a Fall, 2015 cria.


Sire:  LW Pioneer                                         

Dam:  Krinkles

We were extremely excited to get a chance to return this lovely Pioneer daughter to our herd.  She is very typical of what he throws, with a stretchy build and a ton of presence. Sophera, her 2008 cria, is a stunning black and white suri female by Newevo's Nova.  Sophera won Reserve Grand Champion Suri female in her first show at the Badgerland Sweepstakes ALSA Show, in June, 2009  Mariquita birthed a stunning black and white male, Mercurio, in May, 2009. She has been  to Starr Alliance for a Spring, 2012 cria.  Female, SRLL Mere`ce, born May 18th.  A huge cria!  With her background as a Pioneer daughter, we decided to breed Mariquita one more time - Starr Alliance for a May, 2016 cria.