2013 Offspring

SRLL Feyd - High selling male, 2014 March Madness

          SRLL Meesha - Double Grand Champion Silky Femle And Double Best of Show Female, 2014 March Madness Llama Show

2012 Offspring
SRLL Monika - following in her brother's and sister's footsteps.                                                                                     
SRLL Tyrell - Grand Champion HWM 2013 Gathering and LFA World Futurity                 
SRLL Nyoku - Grand Champion HWF 2013 Gathering

2011 Offspring
SRLL Faile - Entering the show ring in April, 2012 Celebration.

SRLL Murali - entering the show ring at the 2012 Celebration, in April, 2012.

2010 Offspring
SRLL Mudrin - 2011 World Celebration Reserve Champion, Traditonal Males/ Both an ALSA and an ILR Halter Champion.
Currently owned by Sean Hart and Venssa Benaugh, Chip-n-Seal Llamas.

2009 Offspring
Reserve Champion Get of Sire, 2010 Celebration World Futurity.  This GET was from three different dams - all looking to the future.  These could be your future, too.

SRLL Mandarb
SRLL Constanza
SRLL Nolo Contendre

SRLL Nolo Contendre - ILR Halter Champion, ALSA Recognition of Merit.  Half interest for sale.

SRLL Mandarb - 2010 & 2011 Celebration World Futurity Champion Silky/Tranditional Male, 5 - 15 Months,
Both an ALSA and an ILR Halter Champion.  Currently owned by Margaret and Emma Fownler, Mystic Moon Llamas.

2007 Offspring

SRLL Notoriety A tall, stretchy girl, who at 22 months of age, is toping many of our breeding females in height.  Sold at the 2010 LFA and now a proud dam of an outstanding Mephisto daughter.

SRLL Mau'Dib.  2008 World Celebrity Grand Champion Class 1Traditional Male, purchased by Celia and Mark Taylor.

2006 Offspring

SRLL Excelsior, purchased by Phil Feiner. Deceased while owned by Superior Farms.